Mediequipos SRL, is a company dedicated to the import, sale and installation of medical equipment, established in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1984, by its current president Ramón Concepción.

Mr. Concepción has over 40 years experience in the medical equipment market, the company currently participates in public tenders that are made by public hospitals and other institutions of the Dominican government.

The company has sales representatives who visit doctors, hospitals and medical centers that directly promoting lines of medical articles for the disabled, elderly, diabetic and ostomy.

In 1993 we opened the division named La Casa de la Salud, dedicated to the saleand rental of medical equipment in the categories of patient care in the home. The lines of medical supplies were directed to: orthopedic articles, items for foot care, medicated socks, diabetic products, articles of oxygen therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, etc. Also hospital beds and wheelchairs for rent.

In 2000, we opened another store to meet demand in another strategic area of the city. In the main office is the business platform, warehouses and the original store.

Mediequipos / La Casa de la Salud, is one of the most important companies in the segment of medical care for people and the first in rental of hospital beds and wheelchairs. In particular is the leader in selling items for foot care company. It has a computerized Foot Scanning, operated by a Pedortesista that allows us to observe and diagnose various diseases of the feet, this service is promoted among various medical specialties, who prescribe it and allow us to sell custom templates, orthopedic corsets, medicated socks and other items foot care.